Dishinile greets Shanghai today field large passenger flow is round-the-clo松江哪里有水疗会所ck go vacationing passenger flow of area core area 上海长宁水磨桑拿会所or even more 80 thousand queue up 3 hour, experiences 5 minutes, in the morning 8 when, looking at Shanghai Dishinile enters the mouth field the passenger flow that 上海在哪里做水磨好manages jostle each other in a crowd, th上海丝袜会所24小时e tourist that comes from Beijing Mr Su forced smile unceasingly, aside son heart heart of 7 years old reads aloud the saltant horizon that上海后花园 study to will make the most popular item inside garden again today. Duration ” Pure Brightness ” holiday, shanghai international travel goes vacationing today the area receives high passenger flow again. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, eden already stopped bill of spot carry out. Round-the-clock today, shanghai international travel goes vacationing passenger flow of area core area or more than 80 thousand person, highest or amount to 100 thousand person. Eden entrance is in, await a stream of people to hope to be less than an end, segregation column, cavalry, cordon is ordinal go into battle, the passenger flow of上海澳京国际桑拿会所 small town of core Eden and periphery is parted, prevent to be opposite strong. Via Dishini small town needs to pass passageway of loop of 2 kilometers sheet to come into the tourist of garden check ticket area, controlled the density of stream of people that enters garden effectively. The reporter experiences on the spot, walk along odd loop passageway to cost about 20 minutes. Every other has 5 meters pat上海宝山桑拿推荐rol the staff member defend阿拉爱上海验证陈年旧贴s policeman and garden region, spe上海南美水疗 按摩cial staff still waited to install motor-driven passageway for the old person inside the passageway, for a short while lash-up is in dash forward. Up to when 上海水磨和南京洗浴distributing news dispatches, international travel goes vacationing area tourist amount still is rising, float of hill of horizon of the leap inside Eden, thunderous, extremely time queueing u上海419品茶论坛p is in the project such as fast aureola generally 90 minutes above, popular item time queueing up amounts to the part 210 minutes. Be aimed at th上海推油按摩价格表e large passenger flow of Pure Brightness holiday, police adopts grade isocon to accuse半套技师可以做全套吗按摩半套跟全套的区别 measure, course crosses 11 lines Dishini stands the basis circumstance of real time passenger flow, adjust pattern of station of pass in and out, ensure passenger flow is one-way and orderly into garden, prevent different way passenger flow to rushing. Jockey respect, dishinile garden P1 takes alternant switch step according to wagon flow circumstance everyday to P6 parking lot. In addition, in go vacationing area core area adds up to on the foundation of 10 thousand parking space, already had made the lash-up other area of open up core jockey the preparation of area. New Dai Tianjiao o上海水磨会所出勤名单f civilia杨浦区ktv荤场子n network reporter