Cao Lei of reporter of network of network plan east reported on March 21: Oriental network reporter learns from organizing committee of division of Shanghai peach blossom, with ” spring warm Pudong, 10 lis of peach blossom ” the section of peach blossom of the 28th Shanghai that gives priority to a problem will be held on April 20 at coming on March 23. Grind according to peach be forecasted, garden of 10 thousand mus of peach blooms Yu Benzhou end in succession. Section of current peach blossom is made with all one’s strength ” countryside wild peach blossom ” ” Gu Zhentao is beautiful ” ” peach blossom of the tip of the tongue ” ” shopping peach blossom ” ” the peach blossom between the cloud ” of 5 Cheng Fang ” peach blossom ” , roll out cover eat, live, travel, swim, buy, amusement each big 上海普陀spatheme activity of 6 卉俪spa 闵行element. “Countryside wild peach blossom ” interest of include countryside boorish swims, rustic characteristic tourist attraction swims, characteristic civilian old experience swims. Among them, be in this year even civilian village ” Su Yu ” , bound Long Cun ” Mi is abandoned ” , village of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day ” cottage of strong and pervasive fragrance ” be have the first batch ” birth certificate ” pilot characteristic civilian constellation. “Gu Zhentao is beautiful ” brigade of will ancient town, countryside, article achieves be in 松江江学路桑拿会所harmony of unr上海按摩油压关门ipe photograph. “Peach blossom of the tip of the tongue ” will roll out the dish of peach blossom serie水磨拉丝 什么感觉s, cake, ceremony that accompany a hand to wait. “Shopping peach bloss上海蓝月亮kb 新地址om ” 阿拉爱上海take people decorate only beautiful ” source of the peach outdoor ” , people is OK in Foluolunsa small town experiences make one’s rounds swims reach activity of travel of thematic mask street. “The peach blossom between the cloud ” will land ” the peak of Shanghai ” Shanghai center goes sightseeing 119 layers hall gives priority to clew with peach blossom source once more, hold ” an illusion, the peach blossom between the cloud ” thematic exhibition, use a variety of optical methods such as film of face of aluminous model cloth, lens, present people to be imagined to the romance of source of the peach blossom in the heart. Section of current peach blossom more wisdom, by the objective below the line demonstrative card turns to go up for the line electronic map navigation. In each big main a peach-shaped thing it is garden, important to participate in the periphery such as trade group division of line of section of peach blossom of setting of along the line of traffic area road, guide on foot tourist, drive wagon flow to enter oneself. Train of 16 lines peach blossom had gone up line, the station name a person for a particular job such as highway of lake of water of the town austral follow-up benefit, drop, century is met in succession theme of make it peach blossom, need on the spot according to the tourist attr2019年上海水磨高端服务action, still can install mobile toilet. 8 admire the beauty of flowers course of high-quality goods of go for a walk in the country in spring: Circuit one: Center in old round guard, set out by garden of big round 阿拉爱上海后花园 阿拉爱上海手机版a peach-shaped thing, via sea of king hall peach, terminus is week of Pu Huahai. This circuitry can admire a flower to open the romantic picture that seems the sea. Circuit 2: Center in old harbor town. Set out by seaside a haven of peace, via other people of garden of base of iron sheet the stem of noble dendrobium, orange, terminus is course of country of great river beauty. This circuitry was黄浦桑拿会所 included admire the beauty of flowers, the stem of noble dendrobium of visiting iron sheet is cultivated, extend the wonderful link such as training, literary show, in course of countr上海哪有spay of great river beauty, citizen tourist still can experience the new achievement that new rural area builds, new features. Circuit 3: Center in Hui Na to press down, from Na Huitao beautiful village sets out, si Ka of cloth of a person of extraordinary powers of by way of shops cate street, arrive at Gui Feng stage farming plantation. This circuitry includes to admire the beauty of flowers, shop, picked. Circuit 4: Center in new field town, anew field peach countryside sets out, reach new field ancient town all the way. Except admire the beauty of flowers, outside shopping, return the view that can appreciate new field ancient town, watch of all kinds art to exhibit. Circuit 5: Set out by Shanghai flower harbor, through other people of academy of classical learning, arrive at seaside forest park / bank insular horsemanship club. This is covered admire scene, humanitarian and the forest rides the circuit of trave闵行spa花头l, in order to satisfy citizen tourist the demand of each respect. Circuit 6: From Foluolunsa name of small town Shanghai tastes Aotelaisi to set out, head for market of nursery stock of Long Dahua grass. Besides the attractive amorous feelings that appreciates small town of Sa of Buddha Luo Lun, sample outside pure Italy cate, still can admire the beauty of flowers flower of amuse oneself, choose and buy. Circuit 7: Concentration goes vacationing in Shanghai international travel area. Wish by the star the park sets out, via Dishini small town, arrive at Shanghai Yi Oulaiaotelaisi. Experience beautiful scenery of natural zoology wet ground, enjoy shopping fun. Circuit 8: Concentration is in the area that face harbor,上海还有油压店吗 by drop water lake (one number head) set out, classics China nautical museum, south park of sea of the view that collect the mouth, reach the road below the pond. This fills the line of 长沙莞式桑拿洗浴中心literary breath, can let citizen tourist experience lakefront camps, study is nautical knowledge, view and admire seaside beautiful scenery, still can stroll green the闵行南美水疗休闲会所 highway below the pond of shade green green.