These days, national technology transfers center of the eastpart part Qu Lin of director of center of industry of area piece chain is a bit busy. The balance of electron of catenary of an area piece that his whole journey shares just research and development is finished, need connects relevant section, begin pilot promotion as soon as possible.

“A bit busy ” and ” small cut ” , this is the common position that at present Shanghai exceeds enterprise of research and development of catenary of 300 area piece almost.

Make as a child, rational be born

Groom in qualified personnel of area piece 上海千花上海后花园chain on the project, qu Lin and student people discuss gave a think of a way: The businessman when buying food before steals balance phenomenon serious, although have,superintend, but new cogged measure emerges in endlessly. If can collect the data of all balances,go up area piece catenary, whether put an end to this one problem?

Good idea! Qu Lin specially went to time of Shanghai academy of metric test technology, the other side listens to be interested greatly, then bilateral chime in easily. Qu Lin seeks company of area piece chain, the academy 上海kb论坛上海kb会所searchs to control balance company, each just are together research and development, made finished product recently eventually. Balance of this kind of electron installed a chip, collect demarcate frequency, time, place those who report form a complete set ” metric catenary ” , once the parameter of which balance has,change, can call the police immediately. At the same time because area piece catenary distorts hard characteristic, also avoided to search lease a space.

“This is a small cut, we think Xian Xiaofan to surround try out, it is mature to wait again large-scale promotion. ” Qu Lin says. “Now more and more areas piece chain company begins as a child cut procee寻甸金山水疗什么价位d with, realize technical be born. If say industry of area piece chain had had bubble in the past, had had trough, so now, be reason when. Be reason when..

Really, make fair chain relatively at the like a swarm of bees before this, instantly more and more areas piece the pain spot that chain company begins to study all trades and prof水磨干磨 会所介绍essions truly, use the form such as allied catenary to make apply be born. And in Shanghai construc上海水磨桑拿会所列表tion ” 5 centers ” , and 3 big jobs one big platform, was company of area piece chain to provide many industry setting.

Application of area piece catenary is emerging in endlessly: Financial side, t松江永恒spa会所he silver of get through bank and insurance data keeps chain, enhanced the efficiency of insurance Wu and security greatly; Commerce respect, the car supplies catenary content to shed service platform to use sheet of car electron carry, for whole supplied catenary to offer with all possible means dependable communal Zhang this; Shipping respect, the area that high seas carries in piece catenary puts card platform, finish tally OK and efficiently to examine of report data deposit card and check true; Respect of2018上海松江水磨的场子 the people’s livelihood, grow trigonometry date from of area piece catenary holds water alliedly, the provision that older rate land ensured common people is safe…

The technology is accumulated, output application

Recently, the office of science and technology of Shanghai gold grave greeted a special visitor — firm of ban上海宝山水磨会所全套king of international of world bank group (IFC) hors上海按摩半套推荐 上海沐足半套哪里有e of presiding operation official repairs a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument o上海足浴桑拿会所费用f · gal Mu (Matthew Gamser) , he comes round technically to go up with this company of chain of sea area piece discusses an issue: How to apply technology of area piece catenary to defeat solution difficult problem of financing of medium and small businesses, and help strength ” one belt all the way ” can you last of country of along the line and area medium and small businesses development? After communication, this expert of financial domain expresses at once, the company that will help golden grave science and technology develop its in future signs a letter promotion of area piece catenary comes overseas market.

This is not a case. As a result of early days accumulate, the area of Shanghai piece chain company has begun technical output, help each district builds corresponding division piece catenary platform.

In Jiangxi, shanghai无锡水磨实体店 is versatile the supply of research and development of area piece catenary and operation catenary finance serves platform, already was in for Jiangxi bank, state science and technology and its supplier provide a service, the information that passes core business is received, disclose information of rock-bottom and true trade effectively continuously, release core business credit adequately, make medium and small businesses obtains financing efficient and conveniently from financial orgnaization, improved company efficiency while, more reduced bank risk. This platform already helped much home compa海尚会金山三楼按摩好嘛ny at present especially in the financing that small small company obtains much pen business to develop place to need, the total financing amount that produc上海有名的spa店es on platform already broke through 250 million yuan.

Be in Hong Kong, connect made Hong Kong by restful one Zhang project of network上海后花园论坛靠谱吗 of financing of trade of catenary of first area piece — ” commerce linkage ” had begun to move, there already were 13 banks and financing of its part trade on this network news of trade of pilot client implementation is shared. It is beyond the mark that this platform lets zoology encircle the bank inside and its business client to all can be connected cloth pattern Zhang is referred originally and the record purchases order, bill and financing application, thereby considerably the risk that the bring down trades to embezzle with the identity false, conduce to increase financing successful rate and reduce financing cost.

Be in Japan, many televiewer are in imperceptible in the area that had experienced Shanghai piece catenary technology. Shanghai originally the joint development such as area piece catenary and hall of newspaper of rich of Japanese advertisement tycoon a smartphone application, formal with the god company limited of Nai plain TV reachs collaboration, 大连日式拉丝水磨服务use area piece the technology such as catenary distributes valuable digital content in real time to the audience that watchs a TV program. When the audience watchs ad, can use mobile phone application to collect the digital gift that ad business distributes through sound and picture, upload area piece catenary. This is in overturn traditional TV industry and audience are interactive means while, also make advertisement advocate can essence of life obtains client data definitely.

“From worldwide in light of, the area of Shanghai piece technical level discharges catenary to go up absolutely date, the collaboration of industry of chain of area piece of prospective international enterprise and Shanghai will increasing. ” originally Wu Peng of CEO of area piece catenary thinks.

Assemble force, establish a standard

Although a series of industries apply already be born, but in universal area piece catenary Du Yu of vise general manager looks, area piece catenary still is in primary level, the problem that need solves is very much still. Need most at present, it is the force of assemble more government sector and enterprise, mining gives more be born setting, derive more commercial pattern from this.

Participate in to allow more company, versatile area piece catenary and matrix yuan catenary platform PlatONE already was in the new generation alliance that makes jointly GitHub realizes a source. PlatONE is characteristic with privacy computation, can satisfy supply catenary finance, content to flow, put card t松江悦泉spa有服务么o trace to上海水磨服务会所 the source, a variety of content couplet net and beneficent industry development that use setting. This is helpful for more enterprise in order to combine oneself business setting, the area that and be developed with lower cost suits oneself piece catenary application, raised the possibility of setting of mining be born greatly undoubtedly.

Assemble force, can solve bigger problem. Du Yu thinks, crossing catenary is the hot word of the industry, every fair catenary, allied catenary is mutual now between each other not UniCom, every are saying his language. So, of relative standard make appear particularly important, and China, shanghai, must give out oneself sound.

Resemble universal not less while the Shanghai company like science and technology of grave of area piece catenary, gold is expanding oneself business, devote into nation of area piece chain and international m上海419论坛群有广州的资源吗etric system actively also to decide, enhance international speech authority and metric system in order to be in the industry to counterpoise surely.

Serve as first obtaining to invite the com上海景spapany that joins labour to believe a metric system of state of area piece chain to decide, golden grave science and technology since 2016, had participated in make issued 7 organizations standard, 2 white paper, a research reports, the area that devotes into the international organization such as ISO/TC 307 a上海好的推油nd IEEE actively piece catenary standardizes the job.

“Hope future one day, industry of area piece chain can have the application of Shanghai not only, can have Shanghai level more. ” Zun Peng of author of golden grave science and technology says.