People net dispatch on September 11, 165676 countries beauty announces as famous as ho宝山500左右的荤场me appear on the mar上海夜生活桑拿论坛ket 248036 gold launch 181206 ambry brand overall strategy cooperates, 165676 countries beauty is retail control a limited company Cheng Lin of vice-president of Li Juntao of senior vice president, management system carries group and Xiamen the group is in group of change of Sun Wei of Pan Xiaozhen of president of Inc. of ark of 248036 gold hutch, vice-president headqu杨浦区平凉路spaarters of national beautiful group meets, both sides general is combined in inn of high grade door of national beautiful throughout the country make gold 181206 ambry household experiences a house, advantage of resource of the other side of have the aid of, mutual drainage, mutual ode can, begin efficient interactive sale, urge a nation quickly beautiful ” ark report 178223 an organic whole ” the development of business. Companion upgrades as consumption footstep, the user needs not be single product, however the dimensional solution that whole set changes. From the point of global industry, ambry and hutch report undertake combinative showing the pattern with the sale more the demand that accords with the market and user, and ” ark report 178223 an organic whole ” the inevitable trend that also will be prospective ambry and development of hutch cable industry. The country is beautiful this year around ” domestic · lives ” banking of service of outfit of home appliance, home, household, home, home 5 big board piece of innovation sex put forward ” 99715 new business are new the market is new technology ” 3 new strategies, from shopkeeper to ” domestic · lives ” change of integral solution provider, among them ” ark report an organic whole “上海闵行水磨 the project is the nut that drives in national beautiful strategy上海会所2018扫黄 namely ” 99715 new business ” one of, will finish 100 doors inn up to beauty of country of the end of the year ” ark report an organic whole ” of bus2019上海KB哪里还有iness introduce. As at present of before domestic dimensions 3 appear on the market one of ambry brands, gold ambry is dedicated ambry industry 19 years, devote oneself to to make ” more professional high end ambry ” , in last few years the sale grows quickly continuously. It is reported, this strategic collaboration is beauty of near future country strategic collaboration is reached with brand of another上海金山有上门按摩的吗 old a cupboard that also serves as a table after state of clique of Europe of brand of afterwards home famous ambry, annals, showed the United States enters the country quickly steadily adequately ” domestic · lives ” the market, guide the determination of new business. Li Juntao of beautiful retail and senior vice president represents the state, the country is beautiful as powerful as gold powerful combination, through the country the United States spreads all over inn of nearly 1900 d上海公馆夜总会荤场oors, the product with high quality major and perfect agency system, reveal the unifinication that is gold am上海浦东按摩店全套bry and home appliance provide rich experience setting, advantage of play country beautiful brand, door inn advantage, sale capacity advantage, sincere letter spends an advantage, offer high grade ambry and home appliance commodity and solution of a complete set of for the user. In addition, the country is beautiful also offer for gold substantially into be stationed in favourable policy, through the me魔都桑拿论坛mber advocate push, much store linkage, combination publicizes 3 free formula to boost efficient interactive sale, drive the head flow with exact essence thereby, be stationed in an environment to agency creation is entered goodly. In the meantime, li Juntao is beautiful to the country also ” ark report an organic whole ” new business development and this bilateral collaboration are confident, he believes beautiful line of nation of have the aid of issues storefront advantage and promotion ability, open the sal上海梅岭支路男士spae that is gold the rapid development channel of a market, both sides will realize efficient win-win. As the country beautiful ” ark report an organic whole ” the development of new business 57626 layout, the country is beautiful already with home of state of Europe clique, annals, gold brand of 3 old a cupboard that also serves as a table reachs strategic collaboration early or late, user in the country United States general can buy product of alone ambry, home appliance not just, still can harvest one a complete set of ” ark report an organic whole ” solution and excellent service. As we have learned, the country is beautiful this year second half of the year will be ad上海龙凤419ded newly ” ark report an organic whole ” , ” warm / central air conditioning ” , ” ambry of domestic outfit / ” , ” hutch space ” etc brand-new business, the United States also will finish the country to arrive上海水磨按摩 from shopkeeper gradually the transition of integral solution provider. Additional, beautiful relevant controller introduces the country, from September 21 ~10 month 8 days, the country is beautiful will take the lead in activity of sales pr2019上海油压 开了吗 上海半套价位omotion of month of gold of the 50866 National Day 上海后花园论坛 上海桑拿会所论坛that start, 22 bazaar of Hainan country beauty yield gigantic benefit of benefit summit summit, most it is customer save money substantially. During the activity, home appliance of national beautiful the whole audience is full 10000 send 5000 yuan, put 20 yuan beforehand